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Photo Tips and Techniques

Join our experts at 7 PM before our regular monthly Friday night Mentor sessions.

We share our digital workflow and digital imaging techniques. We cover all aspects from choosing your next digital camera, demystifing all those button and menus, practical advice for using your digital camera in the field, getting your images into and out of your computer, file management, color profiling, monitor and printer calibration, browser and cataloging software (such as Lightroom4, EXIF Image Viewer, FastStone), digital imaging in Photoshop, Elements, video editing, slide shows, plug-ins (Nik, Photomatix, etc.).

Dick Budnik, 08/12/05, Photoshop Before & After Examples
Rob Dublin, 04/07/06, Photoshop Conversions to Black & White
Ron Carran, 12/02/05, Creating Panoramas with Photoshop
Walter Kimmel, 06/30/06, Using Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop
Albert Tang, 07/28/06, Infrared Photography
Rob Dublin & Marty Markoe, 10/20/06, Making Large Prints
Elinor Stecker-Orel, 11/03/06, Breaking the Rules
Dick Budnik, 12/08/06, Extractions using Photoshop CS2
Ann Raine, 02/23/07, Painting Photographs using Corel Painter IX
Ron Carran, 04/20/07, High Dynamic Range
Ron Carran, 05/11/07, Photo Restoration
Ron Carran, 08/17/07, Fixing White Balance and Color Errors

right click and choose Save Target As ... for Ron's jpeg sample images and raw sample images
Chris Moore, 11/02/07, Adobe Lightroom, Optimizing Your Workflow - click here for the PowerPoint 2007 version
Elinor Stecker-Orel, 11/30/07, You're My Type
Ron Carran, 01/05/08, Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3

Ron Carran, 02/29/08, Being Smart in CS3 , Images
Warren Rosenberg, 08/01/08, Photomicroscopy
Ron Carran, 03/06/09, Adjustment Brush
Chris Moore, 03/13/09, Flash Photography
Walter Kimmel, 03/12/10, HDR
Warren Rosenberg, 09/09/11, Sports Photography
Albert Tang, 01/20/12, IR and UV Photography
Albert Tang, 08/17/12, Shooting Fireworks
Dick Budnik, 08/17/12, 3 Photoshop Tips (Realistic HDR, Auto Blend for DoF, Image Stacking
for Blur)
Dick Budnik, 08/24/12, Getting Free Photography Tutorials Online
Jim Christensen, 08/01/14, Turned Corners in Photoshop
Warren Rosenberg, 08/01/14, Typographic Portraits
Warren Rosenberg, 08/01/14, Making People Disappear
Deborah Cohen, 08/01/14, Using Liquidfy
Jim Christensen, 06/12/15, Invisible Watermark
Deborah Cohen, 06/12/15, My Crop Tool Tips
Arnold Breisblatt, 07/31/15, Making A Winner: Start to Finish
Arnold Breisblatt, 08/21/15, Post Processing for Beginners
Elinor Stecker-Orel, 08/28/15, Leading the Eye
Dick Budnik, 09/25/15, Photo Techniques



photos by Dick Budnik

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